Below are reviews and comments, which bear witness to the wonder that is the Insect Circus Museum & Peep-Show Mechanical Menagerie.
'Dear Sir, I was surprised and disappointed not to see a review of"The Insect Circus" which was presented at The Playhouse Theatre on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of last week. My wife and I were fortunate to attend the Sunday matinee which I understand was a full house. I would estimate that at least half the audience was children. It was amazing! Not only was the show a unique experience but also the children, some quite young, were enthralled throughout the performance and unbelievably quiet. For those who did not go to see this show I would recommend it, should it return to Norwich again; for where else could one see Mr. Maroc wrestling with a stag beetle, ants, wasps and mantids performing, or a worm charmer in action, much less see dust mites drinking tea? For a show that is different, entertaining and to which you could take your maiden aunt this must be hard to beat.' 
Mr. John Gray, an audience member.,The Norwich EDP Oct 2007
''This is a circus I'd run away to join. OK, I'd run away to join any circus, but this one is the best ever. These people have style'.' 
'Prawnwarp' blog. Nov 2007
''Te!he! what a laugh The Insect Circus was. At one point I had tears running down my cheeks. It was the humour of the acts that baffled us, it wasn't quite spoof (except one act), and it wasn't quite laugh out loud, it was just oddly funny and very inventive - surely there can't be many shows like this?'' 
Kate Sullivan,Norwich Playhouse Oct 2007
'I've never seen a show like yours before.. although I've always wanted to...' 
Charlotte Chandelier,Norwich Playhouse Oct 2007
'...old-fashioned circus glamour providing a classic but slightly edgy kind of entertainment.The Insect Circus is exactly this, a charming blend of acrobatics and physical comedy with more than a good dose of the surreal thrown in for good measure.All of the performers are gorgeously kooky and instantly likeable.. ****' 
Lucy Ribchester,British Theatre Guide, Edinburgh Fringe, August 2007
'While there are many other circus troupes who can climb higher and spin faster than this lot, none of them do it with six legs and antennae. During the course of 70 minutes, we're introduced to acrobatic ants, a beautiful dying mayfly, a juggling dung beetle and a contortionist earwig among others. Utterly charming, in a Victorian music hall kind of way, The Insect Circus is surely the only place in the world where you can watch dust mites make a cup of tea. *****' 
Kelly Apter,THE LIST, Edinburgh Fringe, 23 August 2007
(Hoxton Hall, London N1. December 19th - 30th 2006).
Due to lack of space, the Insect Circus Museum was not in attendance.'
'THE INSECT CIRCUS @ HOXTON HALL. '..the most interesting circus performers this side of Vegas'.' 
TIME OUT. December 13th 2006.
'THE INSECT CIRCUS @ HOXTON HALL ..a genuinely original piece that folds tightrope walking and gymnastics into a deliciously anthropomorphic tour of insect life.' 
Matt Wolf, BLOOMBERG NEWS. December 2006
'THE INSECT CIRCUS @ HOXTON HALL ..thanks to a great deal of care and humour, the show works as a wonderful treat for adults as well as kids'. 'Gripping stuff.' 
THE STAGE. December 21st 2006.
'THE INSECT CIRCUS @ HOXTON HALL. With creepy crawlies this talented and charming doing the rounds, I may have to think twice next time I reach for the repellent.' 
Luiza Sauma, INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY. Talk of the Town. 24th December 2006
'THE INSECT CIRCUS @ HOXTON HALL 'When it comes to contemporary circus, Cirque du Soleil may have the market in slick spectaculars sewn up, but there's as much fun to be had at the other end of the scale with shows like Mark Copeland's Insect Circus'.' 
TIME OUT. December 13th 2006.
'Best thing was the Insect Circus Museum, a converted beetlebox with posters, pictures, postcards and performances from the old-time insect circuses. An amazing collection from a time almost forgotten.' 
Andy Pryke,Blog review of the Glastonbury Festival, 2004.
'I've seen some weird and wonderful things in my time at Look East, but none quite as weird or quite as wonderful as this. It's completely crazy and incredibly clever.' 
Mike Liggins,BBC Look East, December 2004.
'A magical miniature circus of electrically-operated insects to enchant and enthral old and young alike.' 
James Mortlock,East Anglian Daily Times, January 2005.
'Mark Copeland's Insect Circus is a magical place.' 
David Stafford,Home Truths, BBC Radio 4, July 2005.
'A fantastic work of imagination.' 
Catherine Bell,Peterborough Evening Telegraph, June 2005.
''As well as the acts, which walk a sublime, er, tightrope between good old fashioned family entertainment and surreal comedy, there are the bizarre ephemera, housed in a lovingly decorated Bedford lorry that tours the country.'' 
Time Out,1000 Things to Do in Britain
'"The innovative costumes and the sheer exuberance with which the performers wholeheartedly play each part make this a "must see" family fringe event."' 
Karen Dugdale, Brighton Argus,Brighton Fringe Festival 2009
'Appealing to all ages, The Insect Circus Show is a hearty dose of wholesome fun for all the family ****' 
Ruth Hargreaves,Three Weeks Review, Brighton May 2009

Here are some comments from our visitors book.
'This museum should be in a museum!' 
Glastonbury Festival 2004.
'Absolutely gorgeous + witty + life enhancing.' 
Southwold August 2004.
'My name is Cameron and it was brilliant and with funny beasts.' 
Young visitor,Chelmsford Spectacular August 2004
'The biggest little show in town.' 
Blackheath April 2005.
'I loved it so much. It was strange.' 
Kew Gardens, May 2005.
'I loved it! Never seen anything like it before now!' 
Kew Gardens May 2005.
'My number 1 choice in the bug industry.' 
Kew Gardens May 2005.
'favrut curcus NOW !!!!!!!!!' 
Sanchez, aged 4,Peterborough Museum June 2005.
'Thank you for your imagination, flair and humour. Best thing of the whole weekend!' 
Manchester 'Garden of Delights', June 2005.
'Best live art installation I've seen in ages.' 
Jenny Smith, Arts Council England,Manchester 'Garden of Delights' June 2005.
'It was so good I'll have bug dreams for the rest of my life.' 
Manchester 'Garden of Delights'June 2005.
'This is undoubtedly the best thing on the fringe. In fact, it might be the best thing ever in the whole world. I love it.' 
The Famous Spiegeltent, Edinburgh Festival, August 2005.
'When I saw peep-show I thought they'd be nakedness but this is so much better!' 
The Famous Spiegeltent, Edinburgh Festival, August 2005.