We like these websites:

Sideshow Circus MagazineA great, and much needed, new online Circus magazine hilighting the world of New Circus. It has a fine review of our Brighton shows (thank you) and an interview with Sir Ronald's alter ego.
YouTubeHerein is contained a short and remarkable film by Jack Harrison and Tim Mitzman of the Insect Circus Museum.
MySpace.com/insectcircusbandThe web home of our very own McPeak's Insect Circus Band.
MySpace.com/insectcircusRonald McPeak has a myspace where differing difference and similar similarity can be accessed. The web home of our very own McPeak's Insect Circus Band.
www.flickr.com/photos/kissmypantiesApril Angell's insect circus photos can be found here. Just type Insect Circus into the Search box and 42 magical photos appear.
www.kissmypanties.comAmazing photographs! April has taken photographs of us on our summer tour. Along with all her photos, they are divine..
THE ANTS COUNCILThe Ants Council was founded in the 1950's to provide funding for the kinds of insect performance that do not fit the norm.
BEAR GATEAUXLook out for their Arcada de Adivinos sideshow premiering on The Common at Glastonbury Festival 2011.
PestivalLooking forward to this one! Insect admirers unite..
Sideshow World'Sideshow World.Preserving the Past...Promoting the Future of Sideshow'. Amazing sideshow site. Hours of happiness and interesting links.
www.tarbydavenport.comEvents organiser of renown, and agent with a host of wonders on her books.
SIDESHOW ILLUSIONSSideshow Illusions are specialists in providing authentic sideshow experiences for audiences of all ages. In February 2011 the Insect Circus worked with Sideshow Illusions to produce The Butterfly Girl which was premiered at the Showzam festival in Blackpool.
Carnesky's Ghost TrainThe finest live art performance experience we have witnessed in a very long time. Incomparable.
www.stageillusion.comPaul Kieve is a wonder. Where those'Carnesky's Ghost Train' butterflies real or an illusion? (Actually they were doves. It was just me with my insect obsession that saw them as butterflies).
Showzam Festival, BlackpoolShowzam is Blackpool's February festival of Circus, Magic and New Variety. It is a unique and very special festival. The Insect Circus are proud to have been involved since the first festival in 2008.
BUGLIFEBuglife is the only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates, and they are passionately committed to saving Britain's rarest little animals, everything from bees to beetles, and spiders to snails. Today bugs are under threat as never before, so help them to secure a diverse and wildlife-rich planet for future generations. JOIN NOW!
www.fleacircus.co.ukAlthough we don't champion fleas in our circus, other do in theirs. And we say good luck to them!
www.flea-circus.comLots of pictures of little circuses but no fleas that I can see. Perhaps they've popped out for a moment.
www.jacolly-puppets.co.ukWe've never seen this puppet show, but these are fellow insect lovers so it must be good.
www.insectlore.comInteresting insect information and merchandise. No circus insects though.
www.insectcompany.comThousands of photos of insects. Again, no circus insects, that I could find, but there is a sideshow of insect freaks. Curious and a little dark.
www.andypryke.com An eclectic mix of odds and strangeness. Hi Andy!
The Tiny TopThis looks rare and fine. We want one! (Sadly we missed them at Edinburgh as we arrived a year too late.)
The Happy Sideshow.More wonders from Australia. Not for the faint hearted.
Mikelangelo & the Black Sea GentlemenUndeniably the finest music we have heard from the other side of this side of the known world! Not a lot of insects though...maybe in time?
The Town Bikes.Melbourne's first ladies of mutant cabaret!
Moira Finucane'Internationally acclaimed Queen of Cabaret Bizarre'...and insect lover.
www.houseofdeception.comCarnival sideshow site. No peepshows though.